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About us

Makrogem; was established in Istanbul in order to share its experiences in business life and information technologies with the market. Makrogem, which has software specialists and mechanical engineers in its organisation, aims to be very successful in producing Industry 4.0 and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies. Being aware of the speed and accessibility of our era, we produce cloud-based web softwares and produce accessible, solutions from anywhere on the internet.

Technology has long since become a luxury and has become a need in center of our lives. Even when we brush our teeth, we now need an artificial intelligence to tell us what area we clean up. Even those who do not employ staff, you can buy what you need and pay easily, even the markets that employ dozens of personnel are even safer against theft or mistakes. If we raise the gear a little, it's all smart. Smart desk, smart pen, smart heaters, smart refrigerator, smart t-shirt Founded in an age where all objects are smart and all objects are connected to the internet, Makrogem provides the following services;

• Project Management Softwares • Cost Management Software • CRM Software • IOT • Business Intelligence • Quality Management Software

Macrogem aims to with its products;

• ERP • PLM • HR • Customer Satisfaction • More efficient devices

We always aim to meet the needs of our customers and to grow together with our customers.

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